Zapglider, a unique EUV platform

Zapglider is a transversely-mounted two-wheeled dynamically balancing Electric Urban Vehicle (EUV), conceptually similar to a Segway scooter. Unlike a Segway, our concept vehicle is a single seater built for the street, which includes a protective frame for the occupant, as well as other saftey features not found on conventional scooters. The design centers around a unique rider experience with an intuitive control scheme.

The Zapglider project takes the concept of minimalism to it’s logical extreme, creating a light weight and extremely maneuverable transportation platform. Built to supliment today's car for commuting, or other shorter distance trips, it is designed to battle urban congestion while providing an exhilarating riding experience!

Here are some of the features we are working on for the zapglider project:

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum tubular frame construction
  • Twin high-output electric motors with belt drive system for quiet operation
  • High amp, custom-built motor controllers
  • Dual 32-bit 80Mhz pic micro-processors
  • Custom smartphone control interface via encrypted bluetooth module

Zapglider is meant to be registered as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), or under the L1e EU vehicle clssification.

At this time, Zaplab is in the process of building & testing the first zapglider prototype. More details of this exciting project will be posted here, as they become available!