blitz, controller test platform

The Blitz controller project is the integrator platform between scooty's original electronics and second generation features for zapglider. It features dual pic32 microprocessors for division of labor between high-speed balancing routines and other less time critical elements.

The prototype utilizes the UBW32 development board. Below is a quick list of steps/links to get started using this board.

Quick-start guide to the UBW32

  1. Install dotNet framework on PC (works with 3.5)
  2. Install driver (win only)
  3. Install Microchip’s MPLAB IDE
  4. Install Microchip’s C Compiler (Academic use version free)
  5. Install HID Bootloader (documentation and links to download here)
  6. Code project in MPLAB IDE, “build all” when complete
  7. Attach UBW32 to PC via usb (reboot if required). Should show up in Device Mgr as a HID-compliant device (under Human Interface Devices) when installed correctly
  8. Press “prg” + “reset” buttons on UBW32 to put it in bootloader mode
  9. Open the HID Bootloader, click “open HEX file”, browse to compiled HEX file, click “program/verify”
  10. Once the HID Bootloader is done programming, press “reset” on the UBW32
  11. Test your new code!
  12. Steps 6-11 to rinse and repeat

Since the pic32 is fairly new on the market, there’s not a ton of info out there. Lucio Di Jasio’s “Programming 32-bit…” has been an invaluable resource for this project, can recommend it to anyone thinking of using the pic32 mcu with their project.