starting small, thinking big

We are a R&D lab focusing on building a unique new form of Electric Urban Vehicle (EUV). Based in scenic Norway, zaplab ltd. is located directly in the heart of the electric car transition. Stay tuned for more details on some of the exciting projects happening at zaplab!


unique EUV platform

Zapglider is a transversely-mounted two-wheeled dynamically balancing Electric Urban Vehicle (EUV), conceptually similar to a Segway scooter. The design centers around a unique rider experience with an intuitive control scheme.



balancing test platform

The scooty project is a small-scale robotic test bed for the zapglider. It shares much of the electronics required, at a fraction of the cost.

Scooty has been featured on hackaday, as well as Tom's Hardware.



controller test platform

The blitz project is a test platform for next generation mcu, featuring dual pic32 controllers for added speed/flexibility, as well as bluetooth encrypted wireless module for smartphone communication.